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We are a members-only target shooting club, managed on behalf of the membership by a General Committee of Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary with the Captains and Officers of the various shooting sections.

We operate a six month probationary period before full membership is considered, also applicable to FAC holders who are not experieced in a target shooting club environment.

During probation and coaching members must attend regular shooting sessions, demonstrate they are safe in the handling of firearms and show commitment to the club's target shooting activities.

.We do not offer one-off shooting sessions or coaching to non-members.

Membership of this club is only for the sport of target shooting, and not for the sole reason of obtaining a firearms licence and coaching for hunting purposes.

We are lawfully obliged to submit full details of all probationary and full members to the police authority.

Our ranges comprise of:
25 yard indoor range
Outdoor ranges at 25 and 50 metres, and 100 yards















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