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Information about the club

Please use the above menu links for a description of the various shooting disciplines

We are a private members-only target shooting club with Home Office approval, managed on behalf of the membership by an elected General Committee comprising Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary and Captains/Officers of the various shooting sections.

The club's range complex consists of :
An indoor 25 yard range for .22 rifles, air rifles and air pistols.
25 and 50 metre outdoor ranges for .22 rifle, air weapons. pistol calibre carbines and muzzle loading rifles and pistols.
A 100 yard/50 metre range for .22 prone rifle shooting only

We are a affiliated to the following organisations:

National Small-bore Rifle Association of Gt.Britain
National Rifle Association of Gt. Britain
Essex County Small-bore Rifle & Pistol Association
Muzzle Loaders Association of Gt. Britain
Civil Service Shooting Association (CCSA -TSA)
London & Middlesex Rifle Association
UK Practical Shooting Association

Training in safe fireams handling, range safety and basic marksmanship is mandatory for new/novice members for the purpose of target shooting only as a sport. The club has its own firearms for members' use on club premises. All shooting is conducted under the supervision of Range Officers and under strict safety rules.

All new members are Probationary Members for a period of six months. FAC holders should provide an acceptable reference from a present or previous club and/or be deemed suitable before full membership is granted by the General Committee. Probation periods may be extended at the discretion of the General Committee.

All members must strictly abide by the Club's rules and regulations and obey without question range officers' instructions.

During probation novice members (also new FAC members not experienced in a club target shooting environment) will receive mandatory one to one tuition on safe and competent handling and discharge of firearms, range safety, plus basic marksmanship training for the sole purpose of the sport of target shooting only.

All membership enquiries and applications are under the sole jurisdiction of the General Committee.

Probationary members must make regular attendances (at least 12 visits during probation) and demonstrate a commitment to the club's activities and ethos.

Please note:
a) We are required by law to submit the names and details of all probationary and full members to Essex Police Headquarters, and also records of individual members' attendances at all shooting sessions.
b) The use of .177 HMR ammunition is not allowed on this club's ranges.


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