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We are a private members-only target shooting club, managed on behalf of the membership by an elected General Committee, comprising Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary and the Captains and officers of the various shooting sections.

For all new members, the club operates a six month probationary period during which novice shooters will receive one-to-one tuition on the safe handling and discharge of firearms and range safety. This applies also to new FAC holding members who are not experienced in a target shooting club environment.. Probationary members are expected to attend at least 12 shooting sessions during the six month period, and must demonstrate a commitment to the club's activities and ethos, and not just for the means of applying for a firearms licence for purposes other than target shooting.

The club has its own firearms for members' use on the club ranges.. All shooting is conducted under the supervision of Range Control Officers.

Note that we are required by law to submit the names and full details of all new, probationary and full members to Essex Police Headquarters, together with records of members' shooting attendances




As with all reputable shooting clubs, Basildon Rifle & Pistol Club operates a six month probationary period for all new members, who must satisfactorily complete probation before full lmembership is granted. With this in mind, please be aware that if you arrived here via a search engine you may also have spotted also bogus links to this club's name, which lead to untrue and malicious comments instigated by person/s who were refused full membership with this club.









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