Basildon Rifle & Pistol Club - A True Insight


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A brief background:-

This is a well known and respected target shootiing club in Essex, established for over 50 years, and originally named the Basildon Smallbore Rifle Club.  The founders, a few of whom are still members, built the ranges themselves with help from a grant from the then New Town Commission of Basildon.  Those were the days when almost every company had its own  rifle club, particularly in Essex, including Plessey, Marconi, Ford, when smallbore rifle shooting was at its highest as a sport. Whole families participated in this, one of our oldest sports. 

Later, the club expanded, incorporating other shooting disciplines such as smallbore pistol, black powder muzzle loading rifle, practical pistol. Although pistols were banned some years ago in the UK by the Labour government, pistol shooters took up rifle disciplines, and so the club maintained its high status, with a present membership of nearly 200, and growing,  by virtue of  its multi-discipline facilities.

With four acres of ranges, several distances can be enjoyed, such as 25 yards indoor range, a 100 yard range, a 50 and 25 metre ranges.  Due to its capacity, county and national shooting matches are able to be held there.

Its success is founded on the premise that only like-minded suitable people are accepted as members, and a probationary period is in place to ensure only those who comply with the club's rules and modus operandi are granted full membership.