For people interested in joining our club, we hold introduction/open days, to describe our various shooting disciplines and the club in general. There will be the opportunity for attendees to have a try out shoot with the club (who provide the rifles & ammo for a small fee). Application forms are available on the day, if you wish to join.

If you wish to join the Air Rifle & Pistol section, which includes Airsoft & Paintball for target shooting only, just visit the ARP Section on a Friday evening between 7pm & 8pm.

Full Membership

We are a Home Office Approved Club. As with all firearms certificate regulations, membership is subject to a mandatory 6-month probationary period. Your section captain confirms you are a safe shooter on our ranges and will put you forward to the General Committee for Full Membership.

Non-Firearms Certificate Holders

Under the Firearms Act, non-certificate holders can shoot at the club utilising one of our Open Days. Those will be run through the year on specified weekends.

Open Days

The day will be run in two parts.
First, we have the Introduction Session that all non-air shooters have to attend and Application forms will be available at the end of the session.
Second, we have the Open Day where attendees of the previous session can shoot club rifles under supervision. there will be a £10 cost.
During the open day, we will arrange shooting prone rifle indoors and .38 rifle outdoors. On selected dates, members of our Black Powder section will arrange shooting of muzzle-loading pistols and revolvers. Safety equipment will be provided.


For latest dates head over to Events section of our Facebook page
Email to book your place.


Joining Fee
This covers registering you with NRA etc
Adult £50
Junior £20
Student £20

Membership Fees

Standard Member Annual  Half Yearly Half Yearly Total  Monthly Total Payable 
Student £   60.00  2 x £   31.00 £    62.00  12 x £   5.50   £   66.00 
Adult Full / Probationary £ 200.00  2 x £ 101.00 £  202.00  12 x £ 17.00   £ 204.00 
Senior Citizen £ 200.00  2 x £ 101.00 £  202.00  12 x £ 17.00   £ 204.00 

Membership fees can be paid by Direct Debit.
A 15% discount is allowed on the total adult annual membership fee when a spouse &/or children are also members. It works out that 2 adults discount covers a child’s membership.
A pro-rata monthly charge will be made for member joining during the year.